• LEXC Guiding Principles

    • Willingness to have visitors in your space – treat them the same as your regular members
    • Your community thrives on being a diverse set of professionals, where members are interested in joining to hone and share their skills as much as for a place to grow their businesses.
    • You are committed to operating a top-notch coworking center that provides a combination of workspace, meeting space, networking events and education programs to support its members and the surrounding community.
  • LEXC Venue Member Criteria

    Can you answer YES to the following?
    • Primary business is coworking
    • Owned/operation a coworking business for 1 year or more, or have at least 25 members
    • Willingness and space (both working and meeting) to accommodate visiting members…
    • Must use, or be willing to use, LiquidSpace
    • Be willing and able to pay $1000 membership fee (paid annually)
  • Maximum Allowed: 60 characters.
  • Woot!
    Your application will be reviewed by the LEXC leadership team. A LEXC representative will contact you within 5-10 business days. If you have any questions, please check out our website at or email us at